i spooned a tiger once 🐅

I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. That’s right. It’s the home of Muhammad Ali, the Louisville Slugger, and delicious bourbon. I’ve played eight competitive sports, visited five continents, and lived in three countries: The Netherlands, Thailand, and Brazil.

I’m an entrepreneur, creative designer, marketer, tv and radio host.

Oh, I’m always down for a laugh. It keeps us young.

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What can Paige do for you

If you’re looking for a designer or marketer, check out my portfolio to see how I can help your business thrive!

If you need a TV or web show host who is quick on their feet, able to host interviews, scripted and improv content with ease, I’m your gal.

Either way, just get in touch.


I spent years perfecting my craft in many areas including:

  • public speaking, live show and event hosting, coaching & teaching
  • website design, video production
  • branding, marketing, and storytelling

Paige is currently:

Paige Battcher Tv Host Commercial Actress

My Bachelors degree is in Finance from the University of Louisville. After undergrad, I spent a year in Thailand as a Fulbright Scholar. For a few years after that, I worked as a Budget and Policy Analyst. In my spare time, I traveled to universities across the U.S. on a speaking tour to promote international ambassadorship.

Paige Battcher Tv Host Commercial Actress

In 2010, I trained nine months to complete my first Ironman triathlon (140-mile race) in 14 hours and 32 minutes. I raised 15,000 for heart defect research because my sister Grace was born with a heart defect. She inspired me to push beyond my limits for a bigger cause. Also in 2010, I applied for grad school because I intended to study film, urban planning, and journalism.

Paige Battcher Tv Host Commercial Actress

I traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil two consecutive summers: producing a documentary and consulting for a major redevelopment project. And because of my insatiable desire to contribute to my community, I co-founded the non-profit Louisville Grows before heading to grad school, which now serves thousands of pounds of produce to underserved neighborhoods each year.

Paige Battcher Tv Host Commercial Actress

At the University of Southern California, I completed dual Masters degrees: one in Specialized Journalism, the other in Urban Planning. While at USC, I produced and hosted four TV shows at Trojan Vision. I’ve also completed paid research and video editing work for the USC Price School of Public Policy.

Paige Battcher Tv Host Commercial Actress

For the last few years, I’ve run my own full service media and marketing agency, Kismet Ideas. I continue hosting television content on assignment, including recent work for Hewlett Packard and Discovery Channel International.

Paige Battcher Tv Host Commercial Actress

Some final fun facts: I dabble in three languages, have Couchsurfed with strangers in six countries, lobbied the U.S. Congress on behalf of the Fulbright Program, spooned live tigers in Chiang Mai, and educated youth. My dream is to travel the world, camera in hand, creating positive change one friendship at a time.

Of course, I’ve done some other stuff too…