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How can I help?

Consider me your professor, guide, mentor, emcee, and strategist into the battles of the inner game of success. It’s so clear to me that my purpose here on this planet is to serve in this capacity.

Teaching & Coaching

Your guide for mindset, confidence, brand building, softwares, marketing strategies, and more.


Your mentor for logo creation, brand guides, fonts, colors, aesthetics, narrative, tone, and the feel of your brand.


Your designer for websites, landing pages and funnels built on the most premium tools by my agency Kismet Ideas.


Your coach for marketing strategy, value-add content, Facebook and Instagram Ads, client on-boarding, and more.


Your keynote, panelist or guest speaker for talks on women entrepreneurship, technology, and international travel.


Your host for videos, live events, and television; backed by my experience hosting live TV on Ch. 8.1 in Los Angeles.

Learn how To Build a Profitable Online Business Aligned With Who You Truly Are

You are only a few skills and empowering beliefs away from the life you dream about.

Step 1: You don’t need a bunch of tech to start an online business. Get started by telling people what you do and who you serve. Say it with me: “visibility is currency.”

Step 2: Get yourself a mentor or a coach and get connected with people who are doing well and can help you stay focused on your goals. Hack into some tricks of the trade by learning from other people’s success. 

Step 3: When you start getting clients and projects then focus on building your brand online. Then set up your business systems and softwares, and outsource the stuff that isn’t your passion, all while designing your lifestyle.

I’m here to help you get to where you want to be…

Who do you WANT to serve?

Who are the people you help most? And more importantly, who are the people most naturally served when you show up as your true self?

What do you offer?

Getting clear on what you do and what you don’t do is very important. Being able tell people what it is that you offer, puts you miles ahead.  So what do you offer?

Where do you want to live/work?

Where do you want to work? Where do you want to play, workout, travel? Where do you want to wake up in the world and run your business from?

FREE Essential Tools List for Your Online Business

I know how hard it can be to focus on the essentials. So here’s a free guide I made for you!

The future is already here.

Are we on

the same paige?


You’re in the right place if you’re tired of the old paradigm: sitting in traffic twice a day, clocking in without real purpose, and continually feeling like you’re meant for more. If you’ve always known –deep down– that you want to carve your own path, then welcome to the new paradigm: location freedom, financial freedom, time freedom, and purposeful alignment


I’m glad you’re here.

Now is your time to create the life you’re proud of.

Your heart will thank you.

And I thank you with all my heart,




You are meant to thrive. You will have everything you desire as you remove resistance.

This is the most powerful basis of the law of attraction. Desires you focus on will be realized…. so long as you remove to any resistant thoughts to those desires.

I believe fully that your mindset is your top asset as an entrepreneur. Yes, I’m a tech nerd here to help you set up your business tools and systems. But without the right mindset, all the tools in the world won’t work. My students and clients typically gain inspiration from my confidence and the practices I teach to build their mindset. I want to offer you that support. 

If this sinks in with you –and you understand what I’m saying about tech + mindset being crucial to your success –then you and I are in resonance. 

There’s not much left to do but to make sure we vibe by phone and see how I can best help you accomplish your goals. If that sounds right, you know what to do! 

About Me

Website Designer, Business Coach & Speaker

As a life-long learner and scholar, I have a Bachelors in Finance, Masters in both Urban Planning and Digital Journalism, and a ton of online skills I’ve invested in learning. I work tremendously hard to stay ahead of the curve and teach what I know to improve the businesses and lives of my clients and students.

I founded Kismet Ideas, a website design and digital marketing agency at the age of 27. I’m an advocate for hard work.  And I’m a voice for how our mindset is the most important factor in living the life we wish to design. I’m a big fan of digital nomad lifestyles and creating joyful life-work integration!

My clients have included Fortune 1000 companies, as well as startups, small business owners, non-profits and solo entrepreneurs.

My Approach

I approach new projects and coaching programs with the same sensation of starting my own business. Let’s understand your goals holistically to formulate the best way to move you from where you are to where you want to be!

My Process

Creative out-of-all-the-boxes thinking is what it takes to stand out online these days. My process is to take the time to truly understand your business and the audience you serve so I can help you connect more fully with your ideal clients.

Unique Framework

Designing your lifestyle business is about designing all aspects of your life. My goal is to help you shine your LIGHT. That means getting clear to create your Life-Work Integration (notice I didn’t say balance) that’s Grounded in Heart and Tech.

Here’s a video to pump you up:

What’s your biggest challenge right now? OR what’s your biggest goal right now?

I’d love to understand more about your goals and needs.

Coming Soon!

Starting Spring 2019

Mentorship & Structure to Build Your Online Business

If you’ve been dreaming of more travel, more freedom, more consistent money flow, and the ability to work from literally anywhere with your business in your backpack, then I’m really excited to meet you! This is a program unlike the world has ever seen. My business partner Jined Lamata and I are on an insane mission to create something that is truly cracking the game wide open with a combination of done-for-you and do-it-yourself trainings and guidance that will immediately bypass the headaches we went through in the transition from burnt out freelancer to business owner! 

See if Coaching is Your Next Step!

Paige, what’s with the tigers you might be wondering? Truth is, I feel like a tiger priestess: I’m fierce, patient, and graceful. I’m here to help you discover your inner kingdom of abundance. We can work together on everything from landing pages to social media ads to having a wealth mindset.

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